Man Warns of 50-80% Collapse in Stock Market

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV warns of a 50-80% Collapse in Stock Market.

  • Sydney Sullivan

    Unfortunately, Thomas Malthus predicted what would happen pertaining to Human Population back in the 18th Century. CHANGE must come, that people are not going to LIKE…Many Futurists foresaw the coming of Governmental Controls wherein People are not going to be allowed to have Children unless they meet certain criteria…and those that do will be subject to limits…But now with Fukushima killing people in mass, the kids in Japan are already cashing in on the heart and thyroid cancers. You and ALL of us are already living in FEAR. Bible predicted this too. “Men’s hearts failing them for fear”, or words to that effect. The United States in noticeably absent in the end chapters of History per the Bible. Something IS going to happen, and your message of Preparation is vital. BUT you must face facts Mr. Greene that the majority of Sheeple will deny it up till the end, and the Tribulations will begin. Again, the Word says that Men will not repent of their sins, and will curse God for the HEAT of the Sun, the pestilences and other woes that are to come upon us…Remember what we Boy Scouts used to say, BEFORE Gays and Women made their inroads; = “BE PREPARED!” God Bless you Mr. Greene, Our President, and America. LCDR JOHN USNR