Donald Trump and the Russian Agenda

White house leaks continue to thwart and threaten Donald Trump’s administration as the Deep State attempts to prevent Trump from derailing off the globalist path. Details regarding President Trump’s meeting with Russia’s foreign minister were leaked to the press due to Trump’s attempt to discuss cooperation in the fight against ISIS. Also, a new bombshell report involving additional evidence in the murder of DNC operative Seth Rich in regards to his contacts with WikiLeaks and his role in the leak of the DNC emails has just been revealed.

  • ovis

    Why don’t you say who the deep state is.
    It’s the Jews. They are the ones pulling the strings and leading America into ww3

  • Songchannels

    Where is the content??? Where is Green????

    • playzfahdayz

      no idea, but im as scared as you are, this is not good, 3 weeks?! what?!