Obama is the Founder of ISIS

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains Obama is the Founder of ISIS.

  • anonymous4u4me

    This piece of human excrement is not the founder of Isis, he is nothing more then a puppet in a powerful position for TPTB. This bozo could not find his way to the kitchen for a late night snack if he was starving.
    ISIS was in the works for quite some time as no one man could have allowed it to rise with so much equipment, money, and men as it did. This is the work of a group and they are not arabic for the name itself tells you that.

  • Liberal Disgust

    Smarmy asides aside, ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and is an extremist militant group that rules by Wahhabi/Salafi law. In Arabic, the group is also known as Daesh.