Obama Issues 20 Executive Actions on Guns

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Obama Executive Action on Gun Control 2016.

  • survivor

    Um Chris. I beg to differ with you on Iran or Saudi Arabia. Iran is a much better regime than the barbaric regime of the House of Saud. Iran ain’t funding and arming ISIS, Al Nusra, and Al Qaida in Syria or Iraq. Iran isn’t supporting terror groups who slaughter Christians. Iran isn’t attacking another country with indiscriminate bombing slaughtering tens of thousands of innocent civilians like Saudi Arabia whom we are actually helping. Women in Iran can work in govt, go to college, own businesses, drive cars, don’t have to be in a veil head to toe where as in Saudi Arabia it is the opposite.

  • Pete Hahn

    Sir, you make a lot of unsubstantiated claims with a great deal of hyperbole in this web video. I’m not sure if your intention is to shock or instill fear in your fellow Americans, but IMHO, it severly weakens your argument and makes you sound (forgive me) crazy. There is a right way and a wrong way to influence the political process. This, sir, is the wrong way. You will always be a fringe actor if you keep ranting and raving in this manner. You will always sound like a zealot when you try to link unrelated facts to build your case. In short, this type of propaganda (let’s be honest) only marginalizes you, and as such, you will affect no change. This is a bit of a shame because you seem like a man who loves his country and cares about its future.

  • Citizen Quasar

    According to Wikipedia:

    “Only Russian citizens who are over eighteen years of age can own
    civilian firearms. Guns may be acquired for self-defense, hunting or
    sports activities only. Russian citizens can buy smooth-bore
    long-barreled firearms and pneumatic weapons with a muzzle energy of up
    to 25 joules. Rifles allowed after five years of ownership of a shotgun.
    Handguns generally are not allowed. Short barrel rifles and shotguns
    (less than 800 mm) are prohibited as well as silencers. An individual
    cannot possess more than ten guns (up to five shotguns and up to five
    rifles) unless part of a registered gun collection, guns that shoot in
    bursts and have more than a ten-cartridge capacity are prohibited.

    Carrying permits are issued for hunting firearms licensed for hunting
    purposes. People who acquire firearms for the first time are required
    to attend six and a half hours of classes on handling guns safely and
    must pass federal tests on safety rules and a background check.Gun licenses are for five years and can be renewed.”