PARIS ATTACKS – Classic Hegelian Dialectic

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Paris attacks today 2015.

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  • Tiburcio

    While ISIS (America’s CIA + British MI6 + Israel’s Mossad + France’s DGSE) was very busy carrying out the false flag operation in Paris on 11/13, the same day the IMF ─International Monetary Fund and not “Impossible Missions Force,” since the gullible and ignorant masses in America are totally unaware about the existence of this institution─ announced that the fund’s executive board will decide on November 30th whether to add the Chinese currency (the Renminbi, commonly known as the Yuan) to the Special Drawing Rights basket.

    IMF head Christine Lagarde said that she personally supported that move. Yuan joining basket of currencies comprising IMF’s lending instrument likely to boost demand for Chinese assets and the effects will be felt in the pockets of ordinary Americans (the loss of purchasing power using US Dollars).