Question the Metaphysical World, Past Life and Higher Conciousness

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explores the metaphysical world and questions the current Reality.

  • Citizen Quasar

    I see that, once again, my comment has been deleted. This shows the deceptive character of the person who deleted it. It further shows the deceptive nature of AMTV as well as Chris Greene and his webmaster.

    Since AMTV can NOT put forth a rational argument to support its mystical and magical metaphysics, a metaphysics that allows Chris Greene to assert his beliefs are true because he “just knows…somehow” they are true, AMTV resorts to the same tactics all propagandists, and tyrants, do and silences its opposition by deleting comments.

    AMTV will pretend that there is some moral justification for this…rather than define things like concepts, percepts, emotions, principles, & such; rather than actually address the issues I raise; rather than leave my comments for all to see and for all to answer.

    I expect this comment to be deleted too as it does NOT pretend along with Chris (and Alex) that the delusions in your mind are anything but that: delusions.