Real Wealth during a Debt Collapse

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the U.S. Dollar Collapse 2016. MORE INFO!

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  • TheWatchman

    Chris, great video. You ask what real wealth is in a debt collapse, and I have an odd answer. Real wealth in ANY troubled time is peace of mind, and the tools to create that wealth are anything that place a semblance of control over your surroundings in your hands.

    For most of those that see the storm brewing, beans, bullets and bandaids are a good start to achieving piece of mind, but they aren’t enough. Beans, bullets, bandaids, gold and water filtration are a means to begin creating peace of mind in troubled times… You speak of a reversion to the mean in financial terms, but this is a reversion to basics.

    Through a weakening of character and learned dependency we have been crippled to need the crutch of big daddy government to help us through life. Only through an intense crucible in this nation will the slag be burned away and true metal (mettle) be seen to emerge. True wealth is peace of mind, and peace of mind in troubled times comes from self reliance and inner strength. God help us as we fight to regain these qualities.

  • LCDR John Sullivan

    Great Presentation Mr. Greene, Regrettably though I think the majority of folks in this Country that watch TV and/or are electrical addicts (= constantly “connected”), don’t even see what’s coming. You, Mr.Alex Jones, Michael Savage, and a few others’ have done an extraordinary job in waking many people up; and are all worthy of commendation. Every day, in the small community I now live in, in rural New Hampshire; people are not aware, or even care about the Dangers and Threats to what remains of our traditional Liberties. It’s even worse in California, where I escaped from to strategically relocate my Family. They are not aware for example that the Pacific is becoming a radio-active lake, thanks to Fukushima (Seafood anyone?); the Dangers that illegal aliens and non-assimilating Muslims represent; that the Feds are purposefully importing. They ARE aware of NFL, NBA, and/or in short aware of their ever-present electric Circus-Maximus. I agree with you also that Mr. Trump may very well be assassinated before he ever gets a chance to undo even some of the damage that the Clintonistas, Bushites, and Obaminations have caused. It is imperative that families extend, as in the past, and form Groups/Clans of dependable family/friends; to combine resources to face the threats ahead. I will be VERY surprised if this Country’s MANY Enemies refrain from attacking us with an EMP combined with a limited Nuclear Strike. My message to the AMTV Community is: Get OUT of the Cities!!! Very Respectfully, John (Former LCDR, USNR).

  • DarwinsMyth

    Saying,”b*llsh*t” doesn’t make you right. You could have said everything you needed to say, in 10 minutes, if you left out the profanity, and the repetition. The redundancy was overwhelming. At least, you restrained yourself to saying,”freakin'” instead of “f*ck*ing”.

    Vince Lombardi once said,”There are three things important to every man in this locker room. His God, his family, and the Green Bay Packers. In that order.” Mine feelings are similar when it comes to life… our real wealth will be determined by where we place Jesus Christ in our lives, how we love our family, and how healthy we are… IMHO.