RUNNING… Most People are Afraid of Hard Work!

In today’s motivational video, Christopher Greene explains why most people are afraid of hard work and need patience.

  • Citizen Quasar

    You insult me with the false moral choice you presented here. So I turned you off.

    Your false moral choice was that you said that those who do not believe in gods, people who are not superstitious like you are, are…uh…”moral atheists.” Well, Chris, as an Objectivist, I do NOT believe in gods, but I do believe in protection of and respect for rights, which ONLY Objectivism provides a definition of (and NOT that bullshit “patriot” definition that “rights come from God” OR “rights are defined in the Declaration or Bill of Rights” though a right is NOT defined in either), rights have NOTHING to do with gods.

    It is YOU, Chris, who is a” moral atheist” as your magical & superstitious metaphysics validate. Hell, I can get this kind of mystical magical clap-trap from Alex Jones.

    What you will do is you will pretend that you only said “atheist” even though you plainly substituted the concept “moral atheist” via your own words.

    What, exactly, am I supposed to seek “forgiveness” from anyway? Hmmm? Answer: BLANKOUT…BLANKOUT…BLANKOUT…as you jump between the chasms in your mind pretending that the Law of Causality, the Law of identity applied to action, is invalid, that if you refuse to acknowledge and/or consciously identify something then that means that that something does NOT exist.