Russia Warns of WW3 in Syria

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Russia warns of World War 3 in Syria.

  • Sydney Sullivan

    Well Done! Mr. Greene and Staff. Your Truthful Reports are right on target here! Your calm yet enthusiastic and well researched presentation in this Video is sterling. Yes, it’s Russia warning in Mainline News, and yet the Ostriches and Sheeple remain in their slumbers; as though this were “business as usual”. You are so unique in your presentation of real History, which most Millenials are neither educated in, or aware of. It’s so sad, what has happened = the dumbing down and lack of caring about We the People losing our Country. Keep sounding the Alarm Mr. Greene and Staff, I can tell you as somebody who grew up in the 1950s; it often seems as though Russia has become the United States of the 50s and early 60s, and we are the perceived Bully of the World; like the Old Soviet Union used to be. When we are hit by Nukes, and I believe we will be, and soon; the World will applaud….The United States will cease to exist as any kind of World Power. I wish more people were aware of the real Danger we are in of WWIII. You are all true Paul Reveres! Be Prepared! Most Respectfully, LCDR John Sullivan, USNR also HM2 Sullivan (Vietnam Era Vet). (My Wife who bought this Computer is Sydney)

  • Nuke em Duke

    The US Regime needs to be put back in it’s box.
    The US people are incapable of revolution……
    That, sadly, leaves but one avenue……nuclear destruction from Russia & China.
    Vale USA……1776-2016.