San Bernardino Shooting all the Classic Hallmarks of a False Flag

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the San Bernardino Shooting False Flag.

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  • Joy Beum

    Arrest obama for treason!

  • Warlanda

    The morning after the incident, a report on Fox news mentioned how a group in the area ‘coincidentally’ was doing tactical training in the area and was able to respond to the scene quickly. It was also ‘coincidental’ that Obama was just sitting down for an interview at the time of the incident. I don’t believe in coincidence. Obama and Hillary ranted about more gun control; that’s insane! If this was not a false flag event, an armed security guard could have prevented these deaths. One or two people with permits to carry concealed could have changed this equation. Citizens have a choice: get licensed to carry concealed and exercise that right or stay confined to homes. If a business doesn’t allow concealed weapons, shop some place else. Obama is doing exactly what he was placed in office to do: there is a difference between stupid and evil. If Obama and Hillary want people unarmed, let them fire their secret service agents and lead by example.