In today’s Live Show, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Satellites Suggest N. Korea Preparing for Nuclear Test.

  • Tin Man

    The Military and Federal Govt.Propaganda has been playing with this Kim Boy since Obummer’s first appeasement in Oct. of 2008. Their idea is to make him appear small and insignificant, that will “go away” eventually like a toxic fart; given enough time…The Reality is he is NOT going away, and has been emboldened by the U.S. Government’s Paper Tiger response. The Oriental first and always ONLY respects Strength. Those of you unfamiliar with History can look at Emperor of Japan’s Hirohito’s association with, and General MacArthur’s Military Governorship of Japan after the 2nd World War; for a classic example of this self-evident fact. I feel truly sorry for our military forces currently stationed in Japan and S. Korea, which will be sacrificed in Conventional Battles they can’t win due to the sheer NUMBERS of these N. Korean and Chicom Bastards. The Brass Hats and Spooks at the TOP won’t feel justified in the first use of “Limited Tactical Nukes”, unless Kim and the Gang uses a Nuke first; or conventionally attacks wherein the U.S. and S. Korean Military Forces currently on station there are overrun. Look it up you Americans unfamiliar with your own Country’s History, about how our GIs and Marines were literally RUNNING OUT OF BULLETS killing Chinese and North Korean Troops during the Korean War of the early 1950s! The Oriental traditionally has done this = massive “human wave” tactical charges since the Boxer Rebellion. Look up the WWII Japanese Banzai Charges, and the Human Wave Charges by the N.V.A. and Viet Cong during the Vietnam War of our Fire Bases and Base Camps! This Country and Japan needs to find it’s BALLS, and next time not only blow Kim’s Missiles up while they are aloft, but send some Cruise Missile Greeting Cards into the Launching Base/Platforms they came from!!! S. Korea is scared to death currently, and rightfully so; because the “good times” are likely to END real soon if the Trump Administration actually does something. Also WHY won’t this Government, particularly the FDA not recognize and take action to protect our Country in view of Fukushima’s poisoning of the Pacific Ocean??? If the World Powers fail to recognize that this is an Extinction Event for Humanity, none of this shit is going to matter anyway…Japan obviously can’t handle this problem alone. It’s time to “pull the Plug” on the Nuclear Power Industry. Ask yourselves, are you going to ACCEPT Tepco’s/General Electric’s/Westinghouse’s apologies for destroying the Pacific Ocean? AND/OR eventually all life on the Planet??? Wake Up! Fellow Sheeple!!! Truly, LCDR John, USNR