SHOCKING Discovery! Brother of Shooter Don’t Add Up INSIDE JOB

In today’s live video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports SHOCKING Discovery! Brother of Shooter Don’t Add Up INSIDE JOB.

  • James

    Video won’t play on YouTube (Error message) so I came here to see if there was another version here. But the one here is YT so won’t play. Why not try uploading to another site such as Bitchute?

  • BWPR

    MSM pushing the rich people are crazy as hell story to get the public behind the liberals while they push for trumps impeachment on grounds of mental instability.
    After all why would the media interview this dickhead when he lies every time he opens his mouth.
    Are you telling me he didn’t know enough about his own brother to see he was a friggin nutjob?
    This guy and his interviews smell like a big steaming pile of horse shit.
    This dude is a liar and a really shitty actor.

  • J Bolan

    Bro, Steve isnt dead! That dead guy has now been proven to not be Steve. Steve was most likely the guy who shot the patsy and set up that room where no one actually shot a rifle from. LOOK AT THIS! –

  • J Bolan

    HERE, READ blog article below, and allow me to read you in on the motive for all this and whatever comes next: #1: Trumps pulls all funding from black cia projects weeks back, and also funding for everything Syria, no more paying fighters, etc. #2: The Cabal, losing massive funding, and pissed, needed to run a FUND RAISER as we used to call them, all US agencies do it. This Vegas attack was a fund raiser. The rest of it; a sacrifice; making DT look bad; gun control; restriction on movement, etc., are all secondary in this one.