Syria’s Assad Accused Of Hitler Style Executions

Bashar al-Assad of Syria is being accused by the United States and Israeli governments of executing thousands and burning their bodies in crematoriums to hide the evidence. The Israeli government has called for the assassination of Bashar al-Assad as a result, but has yet to release any evidence of these alleged Hitler like atrocities. Meanwhile, President Trump is faced with multiple crises domestically due to the fake Russian controversy. With mounting pressure and spies around every corner, his foreign policy decisions will most likely be dictated by the Deep State…which makes regime change in Syria and Iran all but certain.

  • Fred

    Bashar al-Assad recently expressed in an interview his opinion on how America works. It is the only explanation for the inconsistencies and promises in Trump’s foreign policy statements before the election and what he has done since. No matter who is voted into office the US is run by the deep state. Its polices never change.

    Other sites interviewing ME and Muslim spokespersons despite their obvious biases give enough fact about why Syria is so pivotal to various powers and why it will likely be where WWIII begins, if it has not already. The person being interviewed is not identified but obviously a political analyst and likely Sunni. Despite some disinformation, what is revealing is what the US has done consistently to nations they want to control – Somalia, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. He also could have mentioned the Ukraine and Yemen.

    The people running the US are clearly so entrenched in power and control structures that whether the people vote right or left, this party or that, nothing really disturbs them. As for Syria, all the evidence is that it is a pipeline war in which Syria is the gateway for Russia now having to go around the Ukraine to pipe its gas to Europe. It is the route for Iranian natural gas to Europe, and for Qatar to the south as well. Israel has a strong interest to so destabilize and divide Syria with endless internal discord that no pipe lines go through it. Israel has natural gas reserves off of its coast and wants the $500 billion a year sales of gas to Europe for itself. Also, Israel has an interest to expand and cannot do so with stable neighboring governments. Israel has been consistently attacking Syrian government installations since January and has openly been supporting ISIS. The US deep state is not just an instrument of Western oil and gas interests, but the evidence is that it very much controlled by the Zionists, who print the money, own most of it and the debt, and control the MSM. But take them out of the picture and would anything really change? What ever the US, Britain and Israel are doing with divide, conquer and destroy tactics, to control turf and resources, they are simply bringing the world closer and closer to an all out war. But they know that and I presume that is what they want.