The Paris Deception Climate Change HOAX

In today’s video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports The Paris Deception Climate Change HOAX.

  • Sydney Sullivan

    The Thermo-Nuclear Bombs into the Atmosphere between 1949 and 1963 at 200 Megatons PLUS are responsible and the Nations doing it are responsible for Global Warming. The Military and their Egg Heads literally blew away the Planet’s Ozone Layer into Outer Space….Opps! I’m sure they are SORRY. That’s why these same Nations are spraying us all with Aluminum particulates etc. to offset SOME of the Global Warming. The Chemtrails..check out Folks! In any case DON’T buy their bullshit that We the Sheeple are responsible with our auto Exhausts, cow-poop, etc. for the Global Warming. I call BULLSHIT!
    Truly, LCDR John, USNR