The Real Reason Putin is Fighting ISIS

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Real Reason Putin is Fighting ISIS.

  • DerBear

    Are you kidding me ! ? No mention of the plan for greater Israel in this entire video. Why did you leave Israel’s role out, and why do you leave their role out of every video you do ? This is not anti-Semitic questioning. It is not anti Semitic to question the geopolitical actions of a nation that happens to be full of Jewish people many who are also American citizens who work within our government. This is a question pertaining to Israel’s direct involvement in the war on ISIS, even if you don’t believe it is nefarious . They have had a direct military role and you leave then out. You’re a hack, controlled by someone, and I will no longer support your channel or videos.

    • Mary_Linda

      “This is not anti-Semitic questioning.” No, of course not.

  • DerBear

    And for everyone else who watched this turd of a video , the real reason Putin is fighting ISIS is to stop the American neocon war machine from taking Assad out (more “regime change”) and bombing and then dissecting their close allie’s nation to a bunch of illegal zionist occupied western controlled puppet states..for the purpose of maintaining Israel and the wests dominance in the region and world. Then of course that 3 letter word. Oil.. End of story.