The REAL Reason The Government Owns Your Baby

In today’s video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports The REAL Reason The Government Owns Your Baby.

  • Skip Barker

    This is why government should not be involved in health care and most things they are involved in. They fail at everything they get involved in, at a horrific expense to the taxpayers. You want good fair and honest healthcare thats affordable, get the govt. and insurance out of it and roll back to when it was affordable, and better. While doctors and pharmaceutical companies in bed with said governments will scream bloody murder, prove me wrong. I was born in the 40’s had a very special problem in the fifties, that did not break the family or even ding it for a 51/2 situation that required 3 hospital trips and visits of the doctor 3 days per week. Beat that with todays insurance and garbage govt. interference. What we need is affordable healthcare like back then with the scammers exiting the system.

    • kfilly

      The government does not fail at anything it does. The government is successfully enslaving the population. Most citizens have a major case of Stockholm Syndrome, and they are siding with their government captors. Socialism is economic slavery.