The REAL Reason Why the US Military is in Afghanistan

In today’s video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports the REAL Reason Why the US Military is in Afghanistan.

  • Sydney Sullivan

    Dear Mr. Chad, You are hitting the proverbial NAIL on the head with that pic of the Opium Poppies! The U.S. is doing the same thing the Brits did in the 19th Century. It’s ALL about the Opium!!!! The Opium Industry was what contributed significantly to the Chinese Boxer Rebellion against the Western Powers of that day…True, it is being used as a Training Ground for CIA Operatives too; but mainly it’s mostly about Opium and all the drugs made from it!!!!!! 5000 additional Troops deployed there will make no significant difference in Military Ops…Hell, a Battalion of Army/Marine personnel constitute only about 4000 in Number. When it comes to NUMBERS that are significant, look for Divisions or Amphibious Forces…Then, you are talking 35,000+ per Force, or Division…Respectfully, LCDR John