The Strategic Role of Ukraine in WW3

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains the strategic role of Ukraine in World War 3.

  • Hans Wasserdorffel

    Let’s not forget that the US Government has already committed an Act of Aggression against the Russian Federation by making into law the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 and President Obama’s Executive Order 13685 – Blocking Property Of Certain Persons And Prohibiting Certain Transactions With Respect To The Crimea Region Of Ukraine. Under International Law, Russia is entitled to retaliate with of all conceivable means available at their disposition, including the military option (UN Charter, Chapter VII, Article 51).

    At this point, the only plausible way to avert a global thermonuclear war is for the Russian Federation to militarily occupy Ukraine, destroy that country’s armed forces, quarantine the Ukrainian political class sympathetic to the west and convert this failed state into a lose confederation of provinces in which ethnic Russians can assert their political rights and be under the protection of Mother Russia.