The Syria Cease-Fire is Total BULLSHIT

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains what you need to know about the Syria cease-fire.

  • Sandra Villarreal

    Mainstream media, which I can’t watch anymore, is so full of shit when it comes to the U.S. slaughtering millions of innocent men, women & children in the Middle East, blaming Russia/Putin for everything it makes me vomit, even going so far as claiming Putin ‘somehow’ poisoned Hillary, thus, her collapsing like a rag doll in NYC. I’ve done my research, therefore, I know the truth and it’s absolutely sickening the anti-Russia/Putin propaganda and 90% of America believes this horse shit. It enrages me, boils my blood, and to know that the rest of my family actually believes all this MSM crap that I feel like very alone here.