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  • survivor

    Yes, Christopher, you hit the nail on the head. None of the defacto state media will ever ever bring this little yet big part of the equation up. That is, our freakin foreign policy of violent belligerent regime change and the drone slaughter essentially against Sunnis living in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, etc, who may share religious and ideological principles of Al Qaida, ISIS, etc but not necessarily at war with America, only against perhaps the puppet regime we prop up. Yes, probably 10% of ISLAM absolutely want to make everyone convert or die but majority of them do not but when they see what we are doing, they then side in with that 10%. Just look at what Saudi Arabia is doing to the civilians in Yemen. Slaughtering them in Markets and not one peep from the DC establishment with the exception of they want to sell more weapons to the butchers of Saudi Arabia. So, good job in bringing that to light. Nobody wants to admit the truth about our foreign policy causing most of this.