The Truth About Radical Islam

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Truth About Radical Islam 2016.

  • TheAltoonaWiseman

    islam is a false religion worshiping the devil and run by evil men who seek to kill as many children and women as they possibly can- do YOU need to be blown up to see this?

    • B1

      Moron.. no wonder people assume Americans as being dumb. Islam is a religion not a state… did you know majority of Muslims live in China and Indonesia (thats located in south east asia and not the middle east). majority of problems are associated with you lot invaded countries in the middle-east especially to steal their natural resources so you can live a better lifestyle, fixing governments and supporting Israel to be the regional power so one-day Jerusalem can be the capital of the World for anti-christ/lucifer (i assume this is too much for you to handle). they are retaliating because they are pissed off…. cant you understand that? so don’t blame the religion because a handful are angry. what if China or Russia or the Zionist decided to attack your country, are you telling you wont do anything… wake the fuck up.

  • RisingWolf

    Nicely done Chris, but to be perfectly honest, I got bored about halfway thru. Edit that sucker to about half length.
    BTW, your nips showing thru that shirt man…lol…that’s what t-shirts and tank tops are for:)

    Hey, I’m out of the rat race hell…finally!

    Talk soon…