The US Military’s APOCALYPSE Agenda In Syria

In today’s video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports The US Military’s APOCALYPSE Agenda In Syria.

  • Fred

    You are all slaves to the Zionist-owned, financial-military-industrial-media complex. The Zionist greater Israel movement is committed to destroy and fragment Syria driving out as many people out of the devastated nations. The Zionist have been doing everything possible with their repeated air attacks on Syrian government installations and direct support of Al Qaeda and ISIS to ESCALATE the Syrian war. Your nation is owned by the Zionists and what ever is done by the US will be for that end. Presently the US forces are ushering ISIL and ISIS insurgents out of Iraq to bolster ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria. Russia is right about the deception. With the public’s ignorance of history and its 24-hour attention span, it is no surprise they cannot, or will not, see the pattern of violence in the world for mainly Zionist ends since they took over US finances with the creation of the Fed through the leadership and control of their totally owned puppet JP Morgan in 1913. If the US is really the land of checks and balances then the real history of the last 100 years and has to brought to light and the balance reset such that people who abuse their wealth and power are brought to account and simply lose it.