In today’s Show, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Donald Trump Syria Attack and entrance into WW3.

  • Citizen Quasar

    Here’s my main beef with Trump: He lied to the American People.

    I knew something was afoul when trump did NOT pull back U.S. troops from the Russian border. (Instead, he re-enforced them.) Then came Syria and now the skull has pulled off it’s skin…and NOW people are wiping the goo from their eyes. But nobody caught it back then.

    Trump is nothing but George H.W. Bush III. It’s been pretty much the same ever since November 23, 1963; a Friday when I was in the first grade.

    Speaking as, for lack of better terminology, an Anti-Federalist, I say that one of the main flaws with assigning awesome powers to elected officials, and to representational government in general, is that all an elected official or representative has to do is to lie to get elected.

    This does NOT protect rights. For that matter, no one is even able to say what a right is definitively.

  • Marco Gelardini

    As an European I feel naked, betrayed and ashamed in having believed in the positive and substantial arguments he did in rallies. How must you feel as Americans …? This Donald is the biggest charlatan the world has ever seen. The concentration of capability to lie in the face of so many people is simply far below unbelievable. You all Americans should take in account, that the right recompense will arrive for what you have aloud in voting this pile of shit. The world still doesn’t become better unfortunately. Let’s continue to pray.