In today’s Show, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Donald Trump Launches Airstrike on Syria.

  • survivor

    His approval ratings are in the toilet so he needs a war to bring them up. All I can say is Trump is the biggest fraud. This pathological liar has hoodwinked everyone. He wants to talk about children getting killed??? Hell he slaughtered over 300 civilians last week with iron bombs.

  • Fred

    What a total bullshitter. The most powerful nation in the world is now being run by a person as rotten as Hillary. The elites have him. The MSM will now love him. The populists throughout the world are extremely disappointing.

  • Citizen Quasar

    The skull pulls off it’s skin. He was a shill for the Establishment all along. This became obvious to me early on when Trump did NOT pull back US forces from the Russian border but, instead, re-enforced them. That established the principle and Syria is just it’s latest manifestation.

    In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter if this was a false flag or not as it is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. For 50 years…FIFTY YEARS…I have lived thru this “policemen of the world” warring horse-shit and I am sick and tired of it.

    “After all, it’s THEIR war.”

    For the record: I did NOT vote in the Presidential election because I do NOT believe in representational government. The government I want would be much like the one in Galt’s Gulch in ‘Atlas Shrugged'(The book and NOT the movie, which I have never seen.) where there is only ONE law: Do NOT violate anyone’s rights.

    Do YOU know what the definition of a right is? Hmmm???

    No? That’s un-American of you, don’t you think?

    • Citizen Quasar

      Since I can see Cheyenne Mountain from my house, I will have a ringside seat so I promise to post a video of the mushroom cloud on YouTube..uh…ScrewTube…uh…Screw YOU Tube. (Something like that, somewhere out there.)


    The ONLY way I can make sense out of this obvious CHANGE (about face) on President Trump’s past Policy towards Syria, (the Launching of the Missiles on Syria’s Military Airports), is that it provided an OPPORTUNITY to demonstrate to N.Korea and CHINA (the Latter mainly) that the U.S. was no longer going to Appease; or be the Paper Tiger it’s been credited with for the past 40 or more years. It ALSO serves the interests of our so-called Saudi-Arabian Allies, who are mortal enemies of Syria and Iran. I doubt very much that we will see any significant increase of “Boots on the Ground” by the U.S. in Syria. President Trump demonstrated true brilliance in staging this demonstration of U.S. Power and resolve, while the major head of state of Red China (Premier/Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party), was visiting him in Florida. He (President Trump) in my estimate gave his best shot at trying to Convince the Chicoms NOT to support their wayward SON, Kim the Jung-un any longer. The fact that Kimmie Boy Launched another Missile AFTER the “President” of China left, means clearly that China is comfortable with what Kimmie Boy is doing. With this and the Terra-Forming that Red China continues to do in the Eastern Pacific; it appears they (the Chicoms) ARE prepared to go to War with the U.S.A…. I think that the U.S., Japan, and S. Korea will soon be in a HOT War with N. Korea and Red China. But in my estimate, President Trump made a brilliant maneuver by hitting those Syrian Jets and airports; in a final bid to TRY to avoid a major world war. But to me that’s doubtful, considering Red China’s role in the First Korean War (1950-1953). You idiot Liberals are finally going to reap what you’ve sewn in bringing about this PC/SISSY Society in this Country…You Feminists are finally going to be able to try to fight like men, since you stand to be drafted too now…thanks to your ball-busting Sisters and Queers. Our Enemies, have a wariness of U.S. fire-power/technology; but no fear of our Soldiers…Our Military, which thanks to Clinton, Obummer, and the Fools that supported them; have reaped a harvest of contempt for our Soldiers. Legalizing Gays and Transgenders in the Military, along with the weakness demonstrated when that pitiful mosquito fleet of Iran captured our Sailors and Gun Boats recently, reflected nothing short of disgrace for U.S. Arms. Some of our Sailors were CRYING in the midst of their Iranian Enemies at the time; who were also FILMING them doing so; + ensured that their locked and loaded 50 caliber Machine Guns that hadn’t expended ONE Round to resist capture were readily in view!…Never have I witnessed such a disgrace to U.S. Arms in recent History. Russia’s role if they decide to participate against us (which in my honest opinion is most likely), will do it’s best to decapitate us with a Submarine Launched EMP and Nuclear Strike of our Coastal Military Installations…It will be OVER, (such a War, within an hour), you Sheeple, idiots, + unprepared Liberal Softies and Perverts will all be DEAD within 1 year after either an EMP Attack or Nuclear Strike on this Country. (UNLESS YOU ARE RICH/ELITE CLASS AND CAN LIVE IN THE UNDERGROUND SHELTERSCITIES. That will enable you to maybe live out your spans, but your offspring will eventually run out of supplies, unless they can get to and find new resources on Mars). I believe this is God’s Judgement on this Country for having no honor, or allegiance to it’s own traditional values. God help you all, especially those of you Sheeple living in Big Cities. I don’t blame Trump, he would have had to fight Red China eventually anyway with their Terra-Forming Bullshit in the Eastern Pacific. Thinking Russia is our Friend is wishful thinking too. They have been practice Bombing our West Coast with their Air Force Jets (that have cruise missiles with Nuke War-Heads), as well as having their attack submarines cruising along our Gulf and East Coasts…They have also been doing the same to the Brits. Most of all, the greatest shame belongs to Japan, Canada, and the USA for failing to deal with Fukushima and the Nuclear Industry’s murderous stupidity. The poisonous radioactive isotopes in the underground water beneath the “Plants” are plowing their way via underground conduit into the Pacific Ocean at the rate of 300 Tons of radiated water daily since March of 2011. Another 12 to 15 years of this will radiate ALL the Oceans, such that all rain, fog, and snow will contain radioactive isotopes. So if the war occurs it will guarantee the demise of ALL Life on this Planet, since there will no longer BE any powerful Nation States after WWIII left to deal with it. I guess it will be the new EON of the Cockroach, since my reading, knowledge, + research reveal that only they and some other insects will be capable of survival in such an environment….EAT, DRINK, ETC. while ye may! Judgment is coming to New Babylon!!!
    Truly, LCDR JOHN, USNR