Trump Prepares for Unilateral Action in N. Korea

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Donald Trump Prepares for Unilateral Action in North Korea.

  • Citizen Quasar

    You are my main source of news about the situation in North Korea. Please keep videos like this one coming.

    However, you are a braindead Luddite when it comes to robots. All robots are is machines, intelligent machines. Is it machines you are against? If so, then you should put your brawn where your brain is NOT and you and 4 or 5 other guys can replace a forklift.

    Oh wait a minute, you say. “I, Chris Greene, am in favor of machines. I think forklifts are good and increase productivity. Never mind that one forklift replaces 4 or 5 manual laborers, it still has a human driver.”

    A forklift that can drive itself is a robot. Being a robot only replaced one employee as opposed to being a machine which replaced 4 or 5 employees. So your argument about putting people out of work crumbles right there.

    The fact of the matter IS robots will increase productivity of the average laborer. They will just have to do some other kind of physical labor.

    “And God forbid,” said the atheist, “that they will actually have to make their minds have to think independently of something new.”

    That being said, either China or Russia, which both BORDER North Korea, are morally obligated more than others, because they border North Korea, to take that regime out. China could do it in one shot…ONE shot. Just lob one across the border and be done with it and become the hero of the world, for 15 minutes anyway.

    I guess the next thing is to wait for the summit.