In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV​ reports The Trump Ready to Strike N. Korea.

  • Sydney Sullivan

    The ONLY way to make sense out of USA’s Middle East Policy since 911 is to understand that USA provides Hessians (US Armed Forces) and high tech military assets to Saudi Arabia. They are also the one’s keeping our tepid economy from falling headlong into the cess-pool, which would be appropriate. There is nothing to be gained trying to wake people up any more. THAT phase is over…Get OUT of the Cities, Mr. Greene and AMTV Community. Relocate to areas where there is WATER! Get OUT of the Southwest. It’s going to become a No Mans’ Land, like in the old WWI pictures of Europe…Once the Lights go OUT it’s OVER! Being out in the open desert is going to make you EASY targets. LCDR John Sullivan, USNR