Trump Russian Collusion is CONSPIRACY THEORY

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Trump Russian Collusion CONSPIRACY THEORY. It’s amazing that the Radical Left actually buys off on the Conspiracy Theory that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians without providing a shred of dignified evidence. This surely proves how ignorant and dumb most viewers are that tune into statist run media organizations like CNN. Talk about Fake News!! There are not even any sources… Just conjecture, heresy, falsified information and biased accusation with nothing but hatred filling the hearts of the alleged tolerant.

Well, I’ll tell you something… These false accusations are treasonous and if based without fact, rhyme or reason should be prosecuted at the highest law of the land for libel, defamation and conspiracy to impede a working and democratically elected President. This bias only proves who really owns the MSM and as usual we break it down. Hard-hitting and in your face!

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  • wearevolution1

    Tin foil hats work Chris.

  • Gabriel A. King