UNSOCIAL: Official Movie Trailer GoFundMe Documentary 2018

🙏Donate now: https://www.gofundme.com/amtv-campaign-2017

  • TheWatchman

    Ingenious. I fully intend to donate to this.

    Growing up traveling all over the country, I had the freedom to live and do without the feeling of constant judgement that social media provides. If I wanted to connect, I’d pull my motorcycle into a gas station or convenience store, slip a quarter into a phone and call home. After I got my fill of “Where are you and what are you doing and why aren’t you settling down?” I’d hang up the phone and get back to living.

    This was during the dawn of the social media frenzy. We had to talk to people. We had to interact in face to face or voice to voice situations. We weren’t constantly watched, liked, disliked, judged and prodded to do more and more outrageous things for the approval of strangers that we don’t know.

    We’d act like fools for the girl across the bar, or act like guys for our friends, but this takes that to a global level.

    It’s time to disconnect. That much is obvious. But how do you disconnect from social media when EVERYONE ELSE is plugged in? If you’re going to take the time to document the addiction, please take the time to document the solution as well. Maybe if we all take this step at once it won’t be such a violent change.