WARNING! Putin on Verge of War in Ukraine

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains Putin on verge of War in Ukraine.

  • Robert

    Pious Putin is the last best hope for mankind. The U.S. has become an abominable cradle wreaking machine its desperately trying to keep fueled.

    Picked clean, the carcass no longer nourishes. “Fed Peckers” pound furiously, divvying diminishing morsels of marrow to exploding ravenous flocks. Soaked in innocent blood, they puff up and prune.

    Summoned from below, great crowned dragons spew over all creation, preparing ash heaps for consumption. Clouding the heavens, offspring scour the earth, dive bombing fleshy cinders.

  • John

    I agree with your take on this and the information you have given. You are fighting against the stupidity of the believers of the controlled media,, which the same people believe is just a conspiracy also.

    I have shared this on face book in hope that people will understand and write to congressmen and demand information that is factual on the status of all this.

  • Prophecy Says Obama Will Be the Last American President You Be The Judge Trump & Clinton Will Not Be The Next President Let See What Happens At The End Of This Election 2016??

    • We all may go out in a big ball of flames nukes hitting the world over kiss your ass good by!