In today’s video, Christopher Greene reports on the Economic Collapse 2019.

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    I certainly think there will be another larger earthquake from this epicenter. The data shows that in the cycles of ever increasing and expanding quakes. Just yesterday I felt three separate sways here in the Valley. Where one got me to get in the doorway. So with out a doubt another one is coming. I thought of packing up my gear and heading out for a week or two for camping but realized, when not if, the next bigger one hits. I would be stranded with limited supplies. So sheltering in place is a better option and I’ve filled in the holes of my prep since the first one here on the 4th. I would love to just get to hell out of here all together but that’s not really an option. Can only take so much, have to leave alot behind, lose my 2 month security deposit and 2nd vehicle. I’d probably end up homeless with what meager savings I have. Not easy to relocate in a jiffy. That’s something that takes months to plan and prepare for. So staying put is really my only option. I really don’t count on the local and state government do be ready as well. They can’t even clean up trash and poop from the homeless disaster. They can’t even repair and pave roads with yet even more taxes just enacted. They won’t be able to cope since they lowered the building standards decades ago and there will be so many buildings that just crumble or get sheared from foundations easily.