What Matters to You Most in Life?

In today’s video, Christopher Greene explores the Ego and What Matters Most to You in Life.

  • Samantha

    Do not listen to this video without candle light, a lava lamp, lots of pillows and a glass of wine. Enjoy.

  • Enrique

    My brother died over a year ago in tragic circumstances. He was angry with this society we live in (not with the world that he admired so much for all its beauty). He had a miserable live, being unable to ignore all evil we are sorrounded with and people’s indiference to it. I remember the last time we talked. Being so utterly frustrated with his own life, he told me he was literally a prisoner of the EGO, which prevented him to move along to reach a happy and meaningful existance. I never really understood what he meant by the EGO but he seemed terrified when he pronounced this word.
    Thanks Chris, for your inspiring talks. I discovered you two months ago and I have already become a faithful follower of your project. Greetings from Spain!

    • Citizen Quasar

      Well, he has NO ego now, does he?

  • Citizen Quasar

    I see that my comment was deleted. This is par for the course for faithists and mystics like Chris. Rather than allow and/or engage in open discussion on the internet, Mr. Greene deletes comments he disagrees with. This shows the true nature of Mr. Greene. Mr Greene would rather delete a comment and pretend it never happened than respond to the points I brought up that Chris finds it uncomfortable to address. Chris, you are a liar. It’s that simple.