What Obama REALLY Says in ISIS Speech

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports what Obama really says in ISIS speech 2015.

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  • John A. Sullivan Jr.

    Mr. Greene is right on Target yet again. This Gradualism Approach/Methodology to taking our 2nd Amendment Rights by King Obama, is just another Step towards gun confiscation. Today he (King Obama) says “For National Security Reasons”; we need to take away Military Assault style Rifles away from “We the Sheeple”. Next it will be our “Long Guns” (I really found that Term amusing); I would figure the Globalists will find that to be ANY Rifle. I have heard that the measure King Obama wants Congress to legislate, is ALREADY on the Supreme Court’s Docket. So King Obama is already attacking the Constitution on 2 Fronts, trying to make his televised Proposal the “Law of the Land”; through what he hopes will be a “Stacked Deck” Court. You have to give the King credit for being a great strategist here,particularly in view of who he has Appointed; and his successful manipulation of what once was The Supreme Court. Wake Up America!!!! Put down your Cell Phones and Watching Football!! You are losing your Rights and Country! Truly, LCDR John

  • Hitlers Arab Nazis

    These IslamoFacists have been around since 1920

    During WW2 they called them Hitlers Arab Nazis aka the Muslim Brotherhood under an Egyptian man called Al Bana and they swore to kill British, Americans and Jews for Rommel

    After WW2 the American OSS hired Hitlers Arab Nazis to live in Saudi Arabia, some of them taught in the Wahhabi Mosques, they taught a young Saudi called Osama bin Laden who is from a stinking rich Saudi family (Bushes buddies)

    Then in 1989 the CIA hired Osama bin Laden and the arab Nazis out of Saudi Arabia and paid them to go fight the Commie Russians who had invaded Afghanistan when they called them the MAK, aka the Mujahadeen

    Osama bin Laden helped “Amerika” win that war, then they changed their name to AL QAEDA, (and according to lots of news reports, Al Qaeda they have now changed their name to “ISIS”

    Ex US justice Department Investigator John Loftus has seen all the US held NAZI files in Maryland from WW2 BEFORE they were declassified

    All in the following article from him, there is also a few youtube video interviews where he talks about the Muslim Brotherhood

    The Muslim Brotherhood, Nazis and Al-Qaeda byJohn Loftus