What You Need to Know About the Brussels Belgium TERROR Attacks

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Brussels Belgium Terror Attacks 2016.

  • Sydney Sullivan

    The Point of what the Globalists are doing is to neutralize the stability of this Country, and they have succeeded. Moslems are the new Jews for the upcoming WWIII. Watson whom you mention, is mainly pointing out (in his rhetoric) the fact that the Moslem Life-Style is NOT compatible with Secular Western Civilization. There is no such thing as middle-of-the-roaders when it comes to Islam. Women are slave-like, and they promote Shariah Law and thought (Religious) Police. Britain isn’t even a Country anymore because of their Liberal Government, and it looks as though the tide is on the verge of turning against the EU, as Europeans are getting fed up with Islamic Terrorist incidents and associated problems. The Globalists will hit their “reset” button, = WWIII, just as Mr. Gerald Celente of Trends predicts. We the Sheeple, continue to be entertained by NFL etc. while the Government builds up the FEMA Camps, Militarizes the Police, arms Social Security and the Postal Departments. NORAD is being returned back into Cheyanne Mountain. Russians are buzzing all our coasts, and Obummer is on vacation…LCDR JOHN

  • Tickertapeguy

    The attack on Brussels which is the capital of the European Union, is also an attack on the European Union.

    It is due to the leaders of Europe who allowed millions of refugees, most from the Middle East, enter Europe despite a rising protest from her people. Since their arrival Europeans have been killed, r*ped, assaulted, and property vandalized. Yet these leaders let in more.

    That alone has contributed to a rapid rise of the radical nationalist militant European movements. The demand to exit the EU is reaching levels where it cannot be stopped. “Brexit” is an example. Outside of economic issues the main motivating factor is a sense of “open borders’ created by leaders of the European Union.

    The demand to exit the EU (European Union) and end the EU gained rapid ground after the Paris attack. I believe this movement will become an unstoppable force after this attack in Brussels. When the EU ends so will the future of these refugees in Europe.

    Most will be forced to return from where they came or live a lifetime of fear that they will face retribution at any moment as long as their presence in Europe reminds Europeans that due to them Europeans will face an unending series of attacks on European soil.

  • GoG Magog

    I am not G_d but don’t I look like him? The time is nigh when you will have to secure your lives to survive the coming deluge of evil!