What You’re Not Being Told About the Orlando Shooting

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Orlando shooting.

  • Kelly Cooper

    I MUST say Christopher you are one of the smartest guys in the room (not just a compliment, it’s is obviously the truth)! You NAIL it every time I tune in and listen to you. In the beginning when I heard your allegiance to Trump it through me for a loop because of who Donald is and what he stands for. His hatred toward an entire sect of people (much of which is true, but we cannot box all people of a particular sect of people in one large heap, no more than we can with any religion including the Christians) or his lack of sounding very intelligence “Get him out of here! Kick him when he down, We need more surveillance on all Americans”, etc. Or his inability to use more than two syllable words every time he speaks. But more so, his denigrating remarks toward women (” women are better on their knees”, “I’d married my daughter if she wasn’t my daughter” who says shit like that out loud even if they happened to think those things in the first place? He truly is a loose cannon whenever he opens his mouth. I do agree with wanting to believe he is not part of the establishment, but if he were not in bed with those shyster bankers and the people running the show they would have buried him long ago. But he happens to be doing exactly what they want him to, It give us a smokescreen of thinking that we have so-called choice in our next president! And it plays right into the hands of “DIVIDE the masses so we can then CONQUER them all! It is the plan that has been in place for over a century. And unfortunately it is working. “Us against them” mentality is running rampant and I do not see it slowing down anytime soon, unfortunately.

    We both know our pickings are incredibly slim when it comes to who could end up in the Whitehouse next year and it doesn’t give a rats ass who we vote for anyway because it’s not up to us. I most certainly do not want Hillary in the whitehouse and between the two, Donald has to be the better of two evils, but I feel like we are screwed either way. and again it is not up to us.
    I get a sneaky suspicion that Obama is not leaving the whitehouse and will go into a third term.

    Keep up the heroic work that you are doing for those of us that are ready to receive it!

  • Citizen Quasar

    I like your general overall tone in this one, and you brought up some good points, but it was a staged event as any stroll down YouTube Lane will show.