Why Saudi Arabia Isn’t On Trump’s Ban List

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Trump’s Muslim Ban and why Saudi Arabia wasn’t included on the Ban List.

  • Matatucos

    interesting points, the negotiation with the Saudis & his bosses dont want to hurt the $audis.
    If its true that’s kind of sad.
    by the way, the Quebec shooting was made by brain dead hometown guy, a non muslim. The Canadian media trying to make him a Trump supporter, to make us all look bad

    • Carlos

      You mentioned the Canadian media. CBC is the worst and they answer to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He’s an idiot and an asshole who promised to change the elector system. He lied. He also is completely clueless about the dangers of Islamic extremism. His liberal, hung everyone while wearing blindfolds approach is putting Canadians in danger.

  • B2


    • Paul

      Look at the Netflix documentary Saudi Arabia Uncovered. There are other films verifying the violence oppression and fear. Why do people of other cultures not want to move or even visit very many Islamic nations? ,Why all the dour faces? Where is the Joie de vivre?

      Perhaps it is because Islam is missing a wheel and that is why in every Muslim nation there is such backwardness. It is not a religion based on a loving and forgiving Father of us all, but essentially a god of fear. If you convert from Islam then watch out for your life. Why are the children in Saudi Arabia taught that the only good Christian or Jew is a dead one. This is the religion which accepts Jesus of Nazareth as a messenger from God and the virgin birth, but does not accept Jesus him as divine. Yet, when asked, Jesus confirmed he was the son of God. So in Islam Jesus is honored as a messenger from God but is a liar, a lying messenger from God?

      All that said, if you connect the big dots over a few thousand years, the first aggressors in the middle east were the Muslims who converted Christians to their faith by the sword.