World War 3 in Syria a Reality

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports World War 3 in Syria a Reality.

  • Claes Lantz

    I´m just as sad as you over this inevitable war.

  • Sydney Sullivan

    Dear Mr. Greene, you are SOOOOO correct!!!!! I HOPE you have a Body Guard (I shit you NOT). What it comes down to my friend, is that the Sheeple DON’T want to know the Truth. What they DO want, you see self-evidence of every day. Some of my Best Friends have cursed me for Making them AWARE of the Truths you’re talking about; as well as Fukushima. WWIII has already started in Fukushima, between that and the Global Warming mainly due to the detonations of Thermo-Nuclear Explosions in the 40s through 1963; we are all SCREWED. The Rich may be surviving for up to a couple hundred years underground, BUT check out the half life of Plutonium and the other Isotopes escaping into the Pacific Ocean DAILY. The moment they try to get out of their “Tombs”, they will be dead…The best moves We the Sheeple can afford to do, is relocate themselves/kids as Fukushima impacts; if they want to live a few years longer. Cheers! Respectfully, LCDR John USNR